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Elements of super line anti-counterfeiting design

the elements of super line anti-counterfeiting design can be divided into many types, including: ground pattern, round flower, lace, relief, latent image, microfilm, anti scanning, image processing, etc

ground pattern: the elements are changed repeatedly to form a continuous pattern, which is characterized by regularity, continuity, penetration and variability. The ground pattern is mainly used as a foil and foil. It is generally lighter and shallower in color, and the lines are relatively sparse and thin. At first glance, you can only see a simple background color, and then you can find the changes. There are many kinds of ground texture changes: flat texture, gradual texture, wavy texture, etc

ground grain design can be used for anti-counterfeiting background printing. The pattern design of multi-layer background can be composed of curly shading, any geometric pattern or hand-painted pattern. The background pattern can be stretched, twisted and deformed

since the ground pattern is composed of elements, and the materials of elements are ever-changing and unlimited, the application range of the ground pattern is unlimited, and its change form is extremely random. For example, the bank's certificates of deposit, cards, tax receipts, etc. are heavily using ground patterns, which are both beautiful and anti-counterfeiting

curling line: including "Tuan Hua" or "lace", which is composed of two or more overprinted ribbon lace, as well as shape and extremely fine continuous lines. The pattern can be asymmetrical. In the printing of valuable documents, curly lines are often used to reduce the possibility of being copied

the round flower is processed by various shapes of the flower, exaggerated, combined with the radian and density of the lines, and the baking of the colors, but there is no doubt that it makes the outline smooth, the layers clear, the structure reasonable, and independently shaped. We call it the round flower

Tuan Hua is a very important function in super line anti-counterfeiting design. It can not only be used alone, but also as an element, combined with other system functions, to produce wonderful results. We went to 10 provinces and regions to conduct special spot checks, such as lace, ground pattern, embossed flower, etc

lace refers to the continuous replication of one or several elements to form a frame form, which is called lace. Lace is made of elements and can change freely. As the lace is in the form of frame, most of the lace acts as decoration on four sides

relief: it is the process of using lines and ground patterns as the bottom and combining with the background picture to make the picture produce a concave convex effect like sculpture. We call it relief. Relief patterns can be made of side-by-side straight lines, curves, concentric circles, spiral lines and sawtooth lines. The background pattern can be bent, twisted, stretched, etc

the application of relief in real life can be said to be very common. For example, the Relief Shading on the current train tickets, air tickets, air ticket insurance policies, bank passbooks, various documents and bills of national government agencies, as well as the high-end hard box cigarette packs and medicine packs in recent years are printed with various forms of relief shading, which can well convey the user's own corporate image on the premise of fully ensuring anti-counterfeiting

three latent images: we can see the latent image in the tuanhua in the upper right corner of the newly converted RMB. We can see the hidden Arabic numerals in the new version of RMB 100, 50, 20 and 10, which can be understood as hiding words or graphics in the print, which is called the latent image. This latent image technology is discovered from the banknote printing technology. Especially in the application of new technologies, new processes and new materials in high-end packaging in recent years, the founder super line latent image technology has been combined with the high-precision positioning ironing technology in the packaging field and the hot stamping technology of gold and silver cardboard to correctly use the metal pendulum impact testing machine and UV ink printing to produce better anti-counterfeiting products

miniaturization: the application of miniaturization in founder hyperlines is only a small part, which is characterized by replacing lines with words. A thin line, when you look at it carefully, you find that it is composed of text. Combined with other functions of the plate pattern, you can generate many changes to the text line. This form of anti-counterfeiting means is applied to certificates and cards. It can be used to make microfilm shading or microfilm lace. Another example is to make a group of words into a smooth curve, which is cleverly intertwined to form a flower shape, which is exquisite and unique, with rich and diverse changes

in recent years, due to the rapid development of gravure printing in China's packaging and printing industry, the emergence of gravure manufacturers, especially laser engraving machines, has also greatly improved the gravure plate making level. The application of micro characters in gravure plate making is more and more, becoming a new highlight of high-end packaging anti-counterfeiting

line splitting: according to ASTM B611, a thick line is divided into two or more thin lines according to the outline of the figure and image (for example, a line with a line width of 1mm is divided into two lines with a width of 0.5mm). The advantage of split line is that the lines are beautiful, which is difficult to make by general graphics software, and the line segment with thickness change plays a good role in preventing duplication

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