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Handling skills for emergency affairs and fire or explosion in gas stations

during the daily operation of gas stations, some emergencies may occur. At this time, as a gas station manager, first of all, keep calm, don't panic, and calmly think about the priority of handling problems. "Slightly increase the cost

fire or explosion: in case of fire or explosion, do not investigate first, but put out the fire first!

in case of fire in the oil tank truck: first, drive the oil tank truck away from the refueling site quickly. If the oil tank mouth is on fire, quickly cover the tank mouth with wet quilt, wet cotton clothes or wet gunny bags to suffocate and extinguish the fire; or use fire extinguishers to put out the fire. If the fire cannot be controlled, call the police immediately and evacuate the vehicle for refuge.

electrical fire: first Cut off the power supply by light, and spray dry powder or carbon dioxide fire extinguishers to the gates, switches, wires and other fire sources to create conditions for cutting off the power supply

vehicle on fire: if the fuel tank mouth is on fire, the fuel tank mouth can be blocked with asbestos quilt or other covers; If the fire is caused by other reasons, the vehicle shall be pulled out of the service station immediately and put out the fire with fire extinguishers.

in case of fire in nearby units or roads: the service station shall be closed down and give an alarm immediately. All employees of the station shall be on alert, and the personnel and packages shall be deployed to reduce the weight of fire equipment according to the fire point and wind direction. Mobilize volunteers, control the power supply, take precautions against the warehouse, clear the isolation belt in the direction of the campfire, remove all combustibles, and expand the scope if necessary

strong and smooth oil vapor burns or explodes: stop refueling immediately, wrap the oil tank breather valve, oil tank operating port, fuel dispenser, refueling gun, etc., evacuate vehicles, give an alarm, and use existing fire-fighting equipment to fight the fire, so as to minimize the loss

this not only ensures the experimental accuracy, but also deals with the following: in case of fire, try to control the fire and put out the fire at the initial stage. Then immediately report to relevant departments of the company. If the fire cannot be controlled, call the police immediately and calmly explain the name, address and fire situation of the service station

the service station manager shall carefully analyze the cause of the accident, fill in the accident report, submit it to the superior subjective department, assist the relevant departments to repair the damaged equipment in the accident, carefully clean up the site and organize the reopening

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