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Eleven matters needing attention in the use of sealing machine

sealing machine is a kind of machine often used in industry and food industry. After the packaging container is full of articles, the sealing of the container is often handled on the sealing machine. Attention shall be paid to the following 11 aspects during the use of the sealing machine to avoid unnecessary damage to the sealing machine

1. It is not applicable to metal containers and metal covers, and it is not allowed to press the start button on the metal table, otherwise the machine will be damaged

2. Before power on, the induction aviation plug must be inserted and the screw must be locked

3. Use the single-phase three wire power line. In order to make the operator safe, be sure to use the single-phase three wire power socket. The ground of the workplace must be dry to maintain insulation

4. It is equipped with automatic temperature overheat protection function. When the temperature in the machine is overheated, the buzzer in the machine will sound "abnormal protection" for a long time. The project has been supported by the "Hundred Talents Program" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the financial support of the cooperative enterprise (pro. MD.) "the yellow indicator light is on. At this time, the main power switch should be turned off. After the cooling buzzer in standby stops, it can continue to work

5. During the working process, you should often touch the surface of the sensor head to check whether it is overheated, so as to promote the industrialization of these emerging technologies. If you find that it is hot, you should stop heating, and then work after cooling (the power can not be turned off). When the "warm up" green indicator light is not on, do not press the start button to avoid accidental triggering. Please turn off the power switch on the panel when the machine is finished

6. It can be seen that the fuse equipped is 5a, and it can not be replaced by a fuse larger than 5A

7. There is high voltage inside and the bottom plate is charged. It is strictly prohibited to repair without permission to avoid personal electric shock

8. After two years of use, if any exposed conductor is found, the machine shall be stopped and can be used only after maintenance

9. The equipment shall not be impacted, pressed or damped during transportation, storage and use

10. During the unpacking inspection and acceptance of the product, under the condition of normal transportation and intact packaging, if any part of the product is found to be inconsistent with the packing list, it shall contact the company in time

11. According to the operation manual, the operation shall be understood clearly in advance. If any product manufacturing quality problem is found, it shall be explained to the company within the specified time limit. The equipment is guaranteed for half a year and is responsible for maintenance

note: the machine is equipped with current limiting protection. When the sealing aluminum foil area is too large or too close to the induction coil, the output will be automatically turned off, the buzzer in the machine will sound for a long time, and the yellow indicator light of "abnormal protection (pro. MD.)" on the panel will be on until it is restored

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