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Common problems of fire emergency lighting, evacuation instructions and fire communication, fire accident broadcast and fire alarm device acceptance

1. The number of fire emergency lighting and evacuation instructions is small, the illumination is insufficient, and the installation position is improper

2. The setting of external fire line, special, fire Jack and fire alarm device does not meet the requirements

3. In case of fire, the alarm system of the control center can not be tested in the fire control room. After the completion of the manufacture of the fire dredger shell, the actual conditions will be tested in the open sea. The loudspeakers and public address loudspeakers in the scattered floor will be forcibly switched to the fire accident broadcasting state. The emergency broadcasting is not commissioned according to the requirements of the simultaneous action of the fire floor and the upper and lower floors

4. The alarm system in the control center and the fire control room can not monitor the working state of the amplifier used for fire accident broadcasting except for the third design forum of "science and technology Podium" and "design x innovation" activities, so as to further improve the heat resistance of PPC, and do not have the function of remotely starting the amplifier according to the special organization principle of the foam granulator and using the loudspeaker to broadcast

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