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On July 25, the second Hejin Home Expo was held on the first floor of Longmen building. Major home building materials, home appliances and decoration brands have shot to seize the golden summer sales period. The manufacturer put the price in place in one step, 200000 cash reward every day, 300000 decoration fund waiting for you! The activity site was crowded with customers

as a leading brand of kitchen appliances, Cohen appliances has received the enthusiastic support of Hejin people since its landing in Hejin. The second Hejin Home Expo was held ceremoniously. Cohen appliance received a warm invitation from the organizer and made a wonderful debut with a variety of new products. In particular, the new king 9011 of Cohen appliance made its debut in Hejin for the first time, which attracted customers to gather and consult. Within a short time, the booth of Cohen appliances was popular and became a highlight of the exhibition site

Chai Zong, the Hejin distributor of Cohen electric appliance, was very professional and enthusiastic. He gave a warm and detailed explanation to the customers on the performance characteristics of Cohen machine king 9011, its unique after-sales service guarantee and the preferential content of this event, and demonstrated the functional characteristics of many Cohen best-selling products on site, which attracted continuous praise from customers and ranked among the top in the number of orders placed on site

this Home Expo has expanded the sales channels of Cohen appliances, improved the popularity and reputation of Cohen appliances' products, and let more people in Hejin know and use Cohen appliances. As president Chai said, the rapid development of Cohen appliances in just a few years can prove everything. The impeccable product quality and satisfactory after-sales service of Cohen appliances are very grounded, leading far among many kitchen appliance brands, It will definitely become the first choice of kitchen appliances for Hejin people





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