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Hello, everyone, it's another beautiful weekend, and you can stay at home all day! Recently, ou xiaonuo reviewed Wes Anderson's Budapest hotel. What he still exclaimed was not the good-looking plot, but the bold color matching inside

hi, Hello everyone, it's another beautiful weekend, and you can stay at home all day! Recently, ou xiaonuo reviewed Wes Anderson's Budapest hotel. What he still exclaimed was not the good-looking plot, but the bold color matching inside

enthusiastic red

sweet powder

vibrant green

the color matching of each frame is breathtaking! For ou xiaonuo, color is the catalyst of life. A good match makes people feel good all the time. Today, ou xiaonuo talked about how to use color to match the room

yellow gives people warm yellow

yellow is a warm and strong color in the spectrum, and almost any use of yellow is purposeful. How to skillfully use the color matching of yellow in home? According to psychological theory, yellow is usually defined as a color that makes people happy or has vitality. The use of yellow color in the home not only makes the whole space more eye-catching and clear, but also makes the whole space full of warm atmosphere. How can you be unhappy when you enter such a space

▲ Oushennuo modern simple bathroom case

for example, in the above bathroom case, beige bricks are widely used on the ground and wall, which gives people a relaxed feeling visually from the whole space. Remember not to install incandescent lamps, and be sure to match the warm color lights, because the warm color lights can make the finishing point, and stepping into this bathroom seems to be close to a warm embrace

▲ European style living room case

European style spaces like to lay Beige tiles, and pay more attention to the collocation of light, such as the above case. The ceiling with warm color lights is installed, and a white piano is placed in a pleasant and comfortable space. The warm sunlight shines out of the window. You won't feel tired of staying here all day

▲ the case of Ou Shennuo modern simple restaurant

if you don't like Beige tiles, but want to add some pleasant and warm yellow at home, yellow chairs are the best choice! For example, in the above case, in the modern simple white space, the lemon yellow chair brightens people's eyes and plays the role of the finishing touch in the whole space, with a strong sense of summer

green vibrant green

when it comes to green, people often associate green with nature, balance and harmony. The unique positive attributes of green make it a high-frequency choice in mainstream culture. If you want to give life a little more green, people subconsciously tend to think of adding some green plants. Ou xiaonuo believes that painting green walls and adding some green household items are also a good choice

▲ Oushennuo Nordic living room case

in the above case, the designer painted part of the wall into tender green according to the owner's cognition and perception of natural life, and purchased some tender green sofas at the same time. The whole space is like a scene of spring, full of green. The tiredness after a day's work has dissipated at the moment of stepping into this space

▲ Oushennuo Nordic living room case

of course, it is also possible to paint a large area of green walls. In the above case, the designer painted the symmetrical two walls green, hung a picture on one side, and acted as the TV background wall on the other side. The overall look is not abrupt, but more modern and fashionable. Don't forget to put a sofa that matches the color of the wall. It's visually more comfortable and natural

▲ European restaurant case of osheno

skillfully painting green on some wall beams and doorways, adding some green appropriately can also add vitality to the whole space. Moreover, you can also buy green chairs and put them in the restaurant, which is also a good choice. The whole space is fashionable and noble

purple highlights noble purple

purple may be one of the most uncommon colors in home design. To some extent, purple conveys a concept of wealth, maturity and privilege. Even if a small amount of purple is used, it is also a powerful authority. The influence of purple lies in its royal blood

▲ ou Shennuo modern simple living room case

in the above case, the lavender wall adds a noble atmosphere to the whole space, just like the noble room. Lavender doesn't make the space deep. It matches with white tiles, but it gives people a relaxed and elegant feeling

▲ Oushennuo modern simple case

don't like the space of purple walls. You can buy some purple objects. For example, in the above case, the purple cushion is matched with the golden chair frame and purple napkin, which is elegant and noble, like the space of the royal family

say goodbye to the boring black and white gray, embrace a colorful life, and start with the color matching of home! Have you learned the skills of home color matching today





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