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Recently, the report that "a decoration was subcontracted four times, and the workers did not know the name of the decoration company" was widely reprinted. The decoration project of the protagonist Ms. Zhang's home was subcontracted four times

at the end of last year, Ms. Zhang chose a decoration company to decorate her home. The company set the commencement date to February this year on the grounds that the temperature at the end of the year was not suitable for construction. After the construction started, Ms. Zhang felt that the construction personnel were not like a "professional construction team". When she said the name of the decoration company, the other party looked at a loss. After repeated questioning by Ms. Zhang, the construction personnel told the truth: they contracted from the boss to be responsible for painting and scraping putty powder and latex paint, while the so-called "boss" is responsible for joinery, including shoe cabinets and wardrobe. Ms. Zhang said that after the "boss" finished the shoe cabinet and wardrobe, another southerner painted the shoe cabinet

after straightening out the relationship between all parties, Ms. Zhang finally understood. Originally, the decoration company subcontracted the decoration task to the southern boss, and the southern boss subcontracted it to the joinery boss. The joinery boss then looked for someone to work and settled the salary on a daily basis. A small project was subcontracted four times

the main reason for high profit subcontracting

why do you want to subcontract the project you undertake? Insiders revealed that small home decoration companies can make profits from subcontracting. These small companies attract customers at low prices, but ultimately the profits from construction can even exceed many large home decoration companies

after the small company subcontracts the project, the construction process and quality are in the charge of the construction team, so there is no need for quality inspection and inspection personnel. At the same time, after-sales maintenance and other links are also transferred out with the project subcontracting, so small companies do not need to be equipped with a special maintenance team, which greatly reduces labor costs

it is understood that some small companies subcontract a single project, and the profit can even reach about 30%. But many large home decoration companies are almost unprofitable in the construction link

it is difficult to guarantee the quality of shoddy work and materials

small home decoration companies generally withdraw about 30% of the total decoration amount first, and then subcontract the project to the "foreman". The "foreman" usually takes 10% of the project funds as profits, and the remaining costs are used to purchase materials, pay labor costs, etc. In order to keep profits, some foremen will reduce expenses by means of cutting corners on work and materials

moreover, the decoration contracts of these companies are usually not very standardized, and the names of decoration materials and construction processes are often not detailed. In addition, the decoration materials are purchased by "foremen", so they may take advantage of these loopholes to shoddy

the construction team that takes over the work is "doing things with conscience". Master Tang, who has many years of decoration experience, told reporters that if consumers happen to meet a good foreman, the whole decoration project will be much easier. However, if you encounter a foreman with a weak sense of responsibility, use poor quality materials, and do not follow the formal process of construction, it will occur




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