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The hearts of parents and children are the flesh of their hearts, but often in families with children, there will be father son discord, mother daughter quarrel and other lock things, honest officials can't break household chores, and the relationship between family members is always cut constantly and disorderly. How to use the layout of decoration Feng Shui to enhance the relationship between parents and children is very important, which will promote family harmony and be conducive to the healthy growth of children's body and mind. Here's how to decorate your home according to feng shui master

living room: the first place to enter the door is the living room, which occupies the central position in the home and is often the sum of the shape, air and number of the external environment. When the shape, air and number are in a balanced and coordinated state, a good magnetic field is generated, which makes the people living in it comfortable, refreshed and improve their journey

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the Qi of Feng Shui comes from the external doors and windows, which are shaped by the pattern of the external environment and the distribution inside the house, and mathematics is also an important element that cannot be ignored in Feng Shui

for example, the mathematics of the birth time of the people living in the room, the distribution of furniture and functional areas, or plants, the number of fish in the fish tank, etc. What ordinary people ignore is the mathematics of indoor electric lights, and electrical mathematics is one of the elements in modern Feng Shui. In ancient times, people used candles and kindling to illuminate at night, so there was no saying of electric Feng Shui in the previous Feng Shui series. With the continuous development of science and technology, we attribute the electric light to the geomantic omen of yin and Yang in the book of changes and the five elements of metaphysics, and study its impact on human destiny is also a progress of modern geomantic omen

people use electric lamps every day, but their understanding of electric lamps is mostly limited to the surface. When choosing lamps, people are often dazzled and overwhelmed by their colorful colors and distinctive shapes

the lighting in the room is no longer limited to the "one room, one lamp" in the past. How to use Feng Shui to reasonably match the chandeliers and ceiling lamps used for floodlighting, as well as the wall lamps, table lamps and floor lamps used for local lighting and special lighting, so as to create a Feng Shui pleasant lighting space with Yin-Yang balance, has become the updated Feng Shui concept of modern people

pictorially, classified electric lights have many different styles and materials. Houses with East, South and Southeast doors are suitable for choosing long tube, rectangular and wooden frame lighting, and the mantissa of the number of bulbs is




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