Several styles of kitchen design

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Enjoy a convenient and healthy life

1 The bright contrast between blue and yellow instantly reduces the temperature of the kitchen, giving us the feeling of the ocean and making the whole space younger. The lovely pattern decoration on the floor and the exquisite chandelier on the room make the time in the kitchen more interesting

2. The white wall hung cabinet design makes the ground completely free of any obstacles and obstacles, saving the use of ground space. General cabinets always leave a dead corner when cleaning, which is very inconvenient to clean, while simple cabinets with walls will be more convenient to clean

3. The purple cupboard and the gray space match out a rational and perceptual kitchen space. The simple wall hung cabinet has neither metal legs nor baffles outside, which is more convenient for cleaning

4. Simple white cabinet with pulley design makes it more convenient to use. The simple and smooth lines and ingenious storage design make the kitchen space more neat and clean. The decoration of flowers adds a fresh flavor to the monotonous kitchen

when we wash vegetables, mix noodles, etc., we need a lower table top; When doing fine work such as cutting vegetables, I hope the table top is higher. The cabinet design with staggered height combines beauty and use perfectly, making it more convenient for us to cook





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